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Do you know HER? Learn about Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency

December 4, 2018

Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency is the best option for businessmen who wish to start a business and obtain residency in the EU. Company formation in Hungary takes only a few days, you can start operation almost instantly, and getting residency takes only a few months.

HER: Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency

Setting up an EU company is the fastest and easiest in Hungary. Registration takes only 3 work days, and your company also immediately receives an EU VAT number, which makes you can start trading in any EU member state as soon as your company is set up.

Based on your business activity, you can apply for Hungarian residency. Apart from setting up the company, you will need a solid business plan that proves your business idea is feasible and your presence in Hungary will contribute to the successful operation of the company.

The activity of your company can be anything – whatever business you are familiar with. In case you have more funds to invest but you are not sure which business would be most suitable for you, you can always set up a company for property management, and purchase real estate for rent.

Hungarian residency

The residency you can acquire through Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency gives you the same rights as any other Hungarian residency status. You can live in Hungary, and you can travel without a visa to any of the Schengen member states. You can also apply for a work permit together with your residency in case you are planning to do more than performing the tasks of a managing director.

Where to start?

To get Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency, just fill in the form below and send us a message about what business you have in mind. You can also learn more about our service if you click here.

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