Family unification for blended families in Hungary

January 25, 2023

When you immigrate to Hungary, it is normal to bring your family. Your spouse and underage children can always join you with a procedure called family unification. That also applies to blended families and stepchildren.

Immigration with family unification

After someone received Hungarian residency, they can apply for residency for their closest family members based on family unification. While the definition of who can constitute a family can be wide, it is only the nuclear family that matters when it comes to Hungarian immigration. In this case, only the spouse and the underage children who are dependent on the main applicant will be eligible for residency.

Blended families

The same applies to blended families, where the children come from previous relationships of the parents, either after a divorce or separation, or the death of the other parent.

The only difference regarding residency application is that in this case, the parent must include a separate document confirming that they have custody of the children they want to bring to Hungary. (In regular cases, guardianship is assumed by the birth certificate of the children, which should list both parents. With blended or stepfamilies, further proof is required; joint custody requires extra paperwork.)

Additionally, the main applicant should submit a declaration that they are taking full financial and moral responsibility for the children.

The relevant documents must be translated in Hungarian, and submitted together with the application package.

Expert help with almost 20 years of experience

Helpers Hungary assists foreigners living, working, and doing business in Hungary since 2005. We focus on assistance with business and immigration, supporting company setup and all kinds of residency application, whether it is based on gainful activity, work, or another reason. Naturally, this includes taking care of family unification for the family members of our clients, regardless of whether they have blended families.

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