Hungarian Residency Bond Program

UPDATE November 2023: A new Hungarian investment residency program has just been announced. Click here to learn more.

Hungary used to have a Residency Bond program from 2013 to 2017 – how it worked:

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program, Europe’s newest golden visa and most attractive investment residency program presents an exceptional opportunity for getting PR in an EU and Schengen member state, and live, do business, or travel freely to and within Europe. In exchange for a 300,000 euro safe and state-guaranteed investment, applicants of all nationalities can obtain permanent resident permits with only a single visit to Hungary. Invest for 5 years – and get lifetime permanent residency for the entire family in a matter of weeks!

Why apply for Hungarian Residency Bond Program?

What more could you ask for…?

  • visa-free travel into and within the Schengen zone
  • no minimum stay in Hungary
  • the possibility to live and work in a safe and central European location
  • the option of tax residency (with very low business and personal taxes)
  • lifetime residency in exchange for just 5 years’ financial commitment
  • a fast-track, hassle-free VIP citizenship option (to be introduced in 2015) with visa-free travel to the USA and many other attractive locations
  • Allowed dual citizenship for investors and their families

Why choose the Hungarian Residency Bond Program over other investment programs?

  • the cheapest – Hungarian government-backed, risk-free investment bond immigration program offer in Europe
  • fast: get permanent residency in just one month
  • no visit required to Hungary and no obligatory stay
  • no proof of accommodation needed
  • investment bond program covers the whole family (spouse and minor children)
  • dependent adult children and parents may be included for extra charge
  • no minimum education, health check or country of origin restrictions
  • very low bond processing fees
  • no asset check or minimum net worth criteria

Read below and inquire at from Mo Shaban for more information on this amazing investment immigration program!
You can also download our special Hungarian Investment Residency Program brochure HERE
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Among the agencies offering assistance with the Hungarian residency bond program, HELPERS is the only one with 10 years’ experience in business immigration and residency services in Hungary – so in addition to the most competitive bond fee structure on the market, we are also able to offer our clients and their families VIP residency assistance and expert immigration consultancy throughout the procedure.

You won’t find a better deal!

  • Investment (to be returned at the end of the 5 year term): EUR 300,000
  • One-time processing fee for a family of up to 4: EUR 60,000

Our exclusive offer: our processing fee includes not only the financial and legal services required for the investment transaction but also VIP assistance including full-service consultancy on immigration issues, personal assistance and chauffeur services, and much, much more!

You’re taking a great step towards your goals – make it enjoyable and work with the best!

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You can also download our Hungarian Residency Bond Brochure HERE and get more info about this great program and possible citizenship options.

The Hungarian Immigration Program is the best option for fast immigration to Europe for you and your family!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Hungarian government has recently raised the price of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program (from 1 January 2015).

The previous EUR 250,000 investment bond price and EUR 40,000 investment bond processing fee has been increased to EUR 300,000, and the fee to EUR 60,000. However, the Hungarian package is still the cheapest in Europe, so apply for the Hungarian Investment Immigration Program now!

Please note: As this is only the promotional page of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, for free information please visit our service page, which is always up to date. You may also check the related blog articles here.

Other investment options:

If you’re looking to make an investment into Hungarian real estate, an existing local company or a new start-up, we can offer you the following services:

Opportunities: In a dynamic and ever-changing market like Hungary, there are always great opportunities if your timing is right — be it an upcoming idea, inexpensive real estate, or anything else. With the help of experts from various fields, our network of contacts, and our own financial consultants, we can locate opportunities for you and make first contact.

Market research: If you already have an idea in mind and would like to know if it’s feasible (and for how much), we can research the required market segment for you (including: pricing, supply and demand, competition, licensing requirements, local market information) and provide you with a workable business plan that can help you get started in Hungary or the region.

Partner search: In some cases, it is better to partner up with a local, already operational company than start from scratch. If this is your plan, or you simply would like to put your money to good use in a successful business undergoing growth, we will find the right partners according to your criteria, and help you with negotiations.

Incentives and licensing: Investment projects usually require a good cooperation with the state authorities. You could be eligible for certain incentives or tax breaks, and you may require a special license to carry out your activity. We work in close collaboration with the Hungarian state’s investment promotion agencies in order to realize your projects.

Tax consulting: Especially if you have investments in several markets and industries, you will need expert help in handling your dividends and returns to your best benefit. We have four accountants, two financial consultants, as well as some other professionals at hand to work out the best structure for you.

Immigration advisory: A unique feature of Helpers is that you can access all required services for your business in one place. In particular, if you yourself or your staff would like to relocate to oversee your company or investment, we are here to help with work permits, resident permits, short-term business visas or any other paperwork needed.

Investment management: Once the investment has been realized, you will not be left on your own! Whether you just need our help every now and then with an issue that comes up, or require on-going help managing and overseeing your investment locally, we can provide you with a secure background, expert consultancy and local expertise.

More information on our Business Immigration Program you can find in our brochure HERE.

To discuss an opportunity that’s right for you, please contact Barbara Ürögdi (