Further pandemic related restrictions in November in Hungary

November 19, 2021

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is on us, so Hungary is introducing further measures to hinder the spread of the disease. The new regulations were announced at the government’s Thursday press conference on 18 November, and will come into effect from 20 November 2021 (Saturday).

See the official decree here.

Wear a mask in enclosed spaces

To protect each other’s health, everyone is expected to wear a mask in all kinds of enclosed spaces. This includes shops, restaurants and nightclubs, theaters and cinemas, museums, and any enclosed place where there are regularly more than 5 people together. Of course, you are still required to wear a mask on public transport, including stops and waiting areas – even if they are open air.

Some exemptions apply. There is no requirement for wearing a mask

  • for children under the age of 6, people with psychosocial disabilities and autism
  • for performers in theaters, concert halls, etc.
  • for people working in an office
  • for people doing sports in gyms or other sports facilities or during competitive events – this includes coaches and referees
  • if receiving a service is not possible in a mask, e.g. eating at a restaurant, or getting make-up done at the beautician

The headmasters of schools are allowed to decide whether they will make wearing a mask compulsory in their schools. (For now, government has no intention to close schools and switch to remote teaching.)

Events with more than 500 participants remain allowed

Even the Hungarian Medical association urged the government to ban mass gatherings, there will be no further restrictions on events with more than 500 participants. Such events can be attended by anyone with an immunity certificate – as has been the case since the end of May. However, if these events are not open air, participants will have to wear masks, as stated above.

Still no visiting healthcare facilities

Visiting hospitals and other healthcare facilities has been prohibited since 1 November. In nursing homes and similar care facilities directors can still decide if they want to prohibit visits or not.

Booster shot mandatory for healthcare workers

Similar to how getting vaccinated was made compulsory for government employees starting from November, now the booster shot (often referred to as “thirds dose”, since most vaccines need two doses) has also become a requirement for healthcare workers. At the same time, business owners, municipalities, and companies owned by municipalities are still allowed to decide whether they will make getting vaccinated a requirement for their employees.

Border crossing

No new restrictions apply. While the borders are officially closed, and the main rules introduced in September 2020 still apply, various exemptions have been added since then, meaning that you can travel to Hungary if you are a resident or if you have a proper reason to come here.

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