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As you may have heard, Hungary offers permanent residency for investors (5 years, renewable or convertible into citizenship) as of the beginning of this year. The implementation of this “residency for investment” program has actually been off to a very slow start, so in fact it is just starting up. Our company, Helpers Hungary Kft is involved in this program as an agent, and we are happy to inform you that we will finally be able to start processing applications immediately.

Offered Hungarian residency for investment program is the cheapest on the market at EUR 250,000 investment bond + EUR 40,000 Hungarian government processing fee. (EUR 250,000 part is to be fully returned to the investor in 5 years!) Basically, the procedure will involve the usual contracting and data collecting, which will be handled by Helpers; followed by payment and then an appointment with the consulate of the client’s choice.

The whole process is expected to take 30-60 days – this includes permits for the main applicant plus spouse and minor children, if any. The permit is valid for 5 years, without any requirement to live in Hungary. After the 5-year term expires, the permit can be renewed or converted into citizenship, via the extension of the investment.

CRUCIAL UPDATE INFORMATION: From 1 January 2015, price of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program is official going up from EUR 250,000 to EUR 300,000 and the government processing fee will go from EUR 40,000 to EUR 60,000! The Hungarian investment immigration program is still going to be the most favorable in the EU but if you are considering application, it would be best to do it by the end of December 2014, since you will be saving EUR 70,000.

By choosing Helpers, you’ll be able to work with the only team in Hungary that is specialized in immigration and related services for business people and investors, with a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world. We can assist not only with the financial part of making the required investment but all other assistance and information required to make this process straightforward and convenient. Please write to Key Account Manager Mo Shaban to or call +36-1-317-8570 for free information on the residency for investment program and to sign up for the residency bond program!

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