Update your address on your Hungarian accommodation slip

September 13, 2023

In Hungary, a person’s address is part of their core data. Citizens have an address card to state where they live, while third country nationals have an accommodation slip. If you move to a new place, your data should be updated with the Immigration Office. Starting from this year, you can do that fully online.

Documents needed to report the change of your address

Whether you are reporting the change of your address online or in person, you will need the following supporting documents:

  • Your passport (scan every page)
  • Your residence permit (scan both sides)
  • An accommodation reporting form (filled in and signed by the owner of your accommodation)
  • A proof of address (property purchase agreement, rental agreement, courtesy agreement, or certificate from your dorm, as applicable – duly signed by the owner or their authorized representative)

If you are the owner of your new accommodation, you will have to sign the reporting form both as “landlord” and “applicant”.

Your new accommodation slip

The new accommodation slip you receive will not be the same “signed and stamped” document. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification and you can download your updated document, which will contain a QR code that officials can scan and verify.

Old format accommodation slips remain valid until expiry, there is no need to apply for a new document just to get the QR code.

Apply for your new accommodation slip online

The official portal of the Hungarian Immigration Office is available to users at enterhungary.gov.hu. You probably already have an account, but if not, you need to register now. Once you have logged in, you can take a look at your cases. You will need to start a new case. For that, find the big green button labeled “new application” and click it.

From this list of case types, select “Announcement”, then choose “Notification of change of accommodation”.

On the next screen, you will see a number of fields where you can add your personal data. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. When you are done, click “Save”, then proceed to the next tab where you can add further data about your residency and your accommodation. When you are done, click “Save” to proceed to the next tab. You can go back anytime to review the data you entered. If you want to change anything, click “Edit”.

Please note: You cannot complete the application in one sitting. After you have entered your data, a form will be generated which you must print and then your landlord must sign it. Then you can proceed to uploading the files.

On the tab labeled “File attachments”, you can upload the scanned copies of the documents listed above.

  • Add each file to the correct row.
  • Make sure the scan of each document is legible.
  • However, the files should not be too big. (For example, even though you are required to upload your entire passport, the file size cannot be 100MB.)
  • You can leave the third row (“in case of a proxy”) empty if you are acting on your own behalf.

If you think all is correct and you have added every document, click the green button labeled “Submit application” at the bottom of the screen.

Once your application is processed, you will get to download your new accommodation slip with a QR code.

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