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Pagony, so much more than a bookstore

Pagony is not a bookstore. It is a space where you can spend some quality time: browse books, try board games, participate in various activities – and, from next Friday on, drink a cup of coffee. – An interview with the managing directors.

How to do marketing? The importance of branding

In today’s global markets, providing quality products and services is not always enough for success: you should also be familiar with marketing. Branding if one of the key elements: if you create a strong brand with the right message, you can target a more relevant audience and increase your sales.

Useful Tips

Before you start to build your brand and website, define your marketing goals. What values do you want to communicate? What kind of audience do you want to reach? Answering these questions will help you make informed decisions.

Web design and marketing

Helpers Hungary has unrivalled experience in assisting its clients with company formation in Hungary. Not only do we help you to set up a company, but also support the first steps, which may include the preparation of a business plan or staffing your company. However, starting operation usually includes finding clients as well as employees – our web design and marketing solutions may help you exactly with this.

Website design and branding

One of the key elements of attracting customers is visibility. Building a website is a quick and easy way of achieving this: if prospective clients can find you and your services on the web, can check who you are and what you offer, you are already on the right track to promote your business. Moreover, a well designed website and a neat logo not only make your company easy to find and remember, but also indicate that you take business seriously.

Another indicator of your commitment to business might be your business card and letterhead. They give your company a professional appearance, and can reflect the main profile and core values of your company. This way website design and branding can become an integral part of establishing your operation.

Small business marketing

You should know that today website design and branding is not anymore the privilege of huge multinational companies. Small business marketing solutions are available to anyone willing to put some consideration into improving their company’s visibility at the beginning of its operation. Web design and marketing do not necessarily mean great effort ­– especially as today most web design interfaces, e.g. WordPress are quite user-friendly. It is rather the small things you do to capture your customers’ attention and earn their appreciation.


We offer our web design and marketing services in two packages. By choosing either service package you will surely get the following:

  • Company logo (2 or 6 plans)
  • Business cards (2 or 3 plans, 50 or 200 pieces)
  • Company letterhead (to match your logo and business card design)
  • Company stamp
  • Company web domain (1 year, with .hu, .eu, .com or .net url)
  • Web storage place for your site content (1 year, 10 GB)
  • WordPress interface for editing your content – easy to use, so you can modify your content and update your services whenever you want
  • Basic content for your website: short introduction and contact info
  • Company email addresses (easy to create, number unlimited)

Standard package: EUR 790 + VAT

Advanced package: EUR 990 + VAT

For a more transparent table, please check out our brochure here.

In case you wish to build a more complex website, you can still count on us. Our devoted team can assist you with content development based on your input (e.g. product descriptions, introduction of your team, client testimonials, FAQ, etc.). Moreover, the international team of the Helpers translation agency can convert your website into a multilingual platform for the convenience of your customers.

Other marketing materials such as leaflets, banners, promotional gifts also available upon request. If you can think it, we can make it happen. Of course, all the above listed services are available separately. Ask for a tailored quote now!


Domain and storage maintenance for the first year are included in our package price. The service will have to be renewed with your provider each year. It will cost EUR 50 / year.

Your website by default will present a short introduction of your company together with your contact information. As an additional service, we can write further content for your website based on your input, e.g. product descriptions, detailed introduction, FAQ, etc. We can also translate your content to several languages, this way creating a multilingual platform. However, you may easily add content on your own as well, as the WordPress interface is really user-friendly and intuitive.

Before we prepare the designs, we will consult you on your basic ideas – color, style, message to convey – in order to make sure these fit the image of your company. We will prepare more than one designs based upon these, and you will have the chance to suggest modifications before we finalize the design. This way the result will surely meet your expectations.

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