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Choosing a Hungarian translation agency – Types of translation

Before you start looking for someone who can translate your documents in Hungary, it is essential to decide what type of translation you need – and which Hungarian translation agency you should contact. In terms of “how official” a translation is, there are three degrees to keep in mind, which will have a grave influence on the price of the translation.

Types of translation

  • Certified translation (sometimes also referred to as “attested translation”) is the highest degree. When you are applying for a resident permit, you will need some of your documents translated this way. In Hungary, only the state-approved Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (“OFFI”) is authorized to prepare such translations.


  • Official translation might be enough when translating company documents, signature specimens, etc. In Hungary, several translation agencies work with sworn translators, and can attest with their seal and signature that the content of the translation is the same as that of the original document.


  • Other: If you do not have to submit your translated documents to any authorities, you will probably not need any of the above, but may choose any Hungarian translation agency or translation partner based on your preferences regarding service, fields of expertise, price, and offered deadlines.


If you are unsure which type of translation you need, send us your document (preferably in an editable format) with a description of what you need it for. With our ten years of experience in business and immigration services, we will be able to tell you if you need to get a certified translation or not.

In case you don’t need an attested translation, you do not have to look further for a Hungarian translation agency. We would be happy to translate your document at the in-house translation agency of Helpers. We work with colleagues expert in the translation of daily news, marketing materials, and websites in the fields of e.g. energy and ecology, real estate development, insurance, fine art, and pharmaceutical production. Find out more here or ask for a quote today!

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