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Quince Hungary has been working together with Helpers for over three years now. They always show flexibility and precaution when facing the challenges posed by each project.

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New regulation lets residency holders enter Hungary

As of 4 July 2020, the range of people who can enter Hungary is further widened. From now on, Hungarian residence permit holders can enter Hungary without police clearance if they are not infected with SARS-CoV-2.

State of emergency over in Hungary, some restrictions remain

As of 18 June, the state of emergency in Hungary is officially cancelled. Some limitations remain, like wearing a mask in public transport and in shops, and the travel ban is still only lifted partially. Resident permits and work permits that expired during the state of emergency will expire on 2 August.

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When working with a translation agency, it is crucial that you share whatever expertise and internal conventions your company has in connection with the text, so the translators can incorporate your requests and terminology into the translation.

Full-Service Translation Agency in Hungary

Over the 12 years assisting business clients, Helpers has developed a full-service, state-of-the-art translation agency that specializes in business translation services. We started with the Hungarian translation of shorter documents relevant to our clients’ business or immigration procedure (e.g. translating agreements, contracts and other legal documents). We have grown through translating catalogs and handbooks as well, and today we also take on the translation of corporate magazines, daily news, and multilingual websites or portals.

Hungarian translation

Naturally, our first field of service is translating Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian. Due to the long-standing working relationship we have maintained with some of our clients, we have built up a significant knowledge base in the fields of energy and ecology, real estate development, insurance, fine art, and pharmaceutical production. However, we can tackle more or less any topic since we are always happy to put in the required research and find ways to incorporate the client’s own expertise.

Business translation services for all needs and all major languages

Our Hungarian translation agency has grown through always adapting our business translation services to the needs of our clients. Today we work with dozens of languages and experienced translators locally and worldwide. If you have an unusual language requirement, please consult us to see how we can assist you. This is what we do best – map your needs and requirements and find the best solution for your situation. Whether you need a bilingual version of your rental agreement or the development of a multilingual website to promote your business or products, you can count on our expert help. Even the smallest translation job is a project – it requires planning, efficiency and prompt delivery. Each translation has an objective – a target audience that the text must reach, a communications goal that it must achieve, or a decision or information exchange that it must facilitate. We produce translations that actually work in the real world.

Translation services for our business and immigration clients

If you are just starting or already expanding your business, you might want to consider launching your own website to promote your services or products. Alternatively, if you already have your own website, you might want to translate your content to a few more languages in order to reach more prospective clients. Either way, the language experts of the Helpers translation agency can help you both with the content writing and the multilingual translation. Please check out our packages here, or contact us for a tailored quote now!


The price of our business translation services covers not only the translation itself provided by a native speaker professional, but also editing and proofreading by another native speaker colleague to guarantee excellent quality. Moreover, it covers the expert project coordination to make sure we can always meet your deadlines.

The price of the translation is calculated based on source words, that is, how many words your document contains. General translation price varies depending on the language from EUR 0.12 to EUR 0.22 / source word (+VAT) – please see our rate card here. Another factor is how much special knowledge a translation needs; specialized translation e.g. legal, medical, etc. may cost more.

Discounts on our business translation services are available for regular customers and for orders of large volume. Send us your document in an editable format, and ask for a tailored quote!


Our translators use MemoQ translation technology. The developers of MemoQ work with us regularly to train our translators, and help us design complicated translation projects (e.g., multilingual websites). The use of the online MemoQ interface allows us to guarantee consistency and eliminate oversights and typing errors, makes it possible for several translators to work together simultaneously on one project without overlap, and provides statistical analyses of each text that we base our pricing on.

Translation jobs do not end when the translators are finished. Experienced native speakers of the target language immediately start checking whether the style and tone of the translation are appropriate, subject-matter experts scan the document once again to make sure technical terms are used correctly, and an additional translator is invited to double-check that there is no mistake in names and figures throughout the document.

The translation price covers the expenses not only of the translation itself, but of the whole workflow that makes is possible. Helpers has well-designed controlling processes in place to ensure that our prices allow us to not only employ the best translators and editors in the market, but also to provide them with in-house training and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, efficient project management solutions ensure that our translation and editing fees are used in an optimal way to achieve our clients’ communications goals and, in the interest of our clients, to allow us to continuously develop the quality and speed of our translation services.

Translation fees are based on the languages involved, the source document’s word count, the complexity of the subject matter, the document format, the deadline, etc. Texts that contain a large amount of repetition can be significantly cheaper to translate. To obtain an exact quote for your translation project, please send us your document. Please note that editable formats make translation much simpler (and thus cheaper) so – if possible – send an electronic version (not fax or paper copy) in a widely used format.

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