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Open your corporate bank account in Hungary

Do you need a corporate bank account in Hungary? Learn all you need to know about corporate banking before starting the activity of your Hungarian company.

Legal requirements

All Hungarian companies have to have a corporate bank account with a Hungarian bank. The account has to be opened in person by the manager of the company within 8 days of company formation.

Helpers makes the process a breeze

In our 12+ years of assisting foreign business clients, we have developed a comprehensive overview of corporate banking services in Hungary. In addition, given the special requirements of our clientele, we have a partnership with all major banks in Hungary. If you choose to set up your Hungarian company with Helpers, you will get an English-speaking assistant to accompany you to your chosen bank to open your corporate bank account.

State of the art banking in Hungary

The banking system of Hungary is much more up to date than in many countries in Western Europe. You can open accounts in all major currencies including EUR, GBP and USD. It is advisable to also have a HUF account to pay taxes and contributions from. Exchanging currencies between your own accounts is affordable and available via internet banking.

Same-day transfers are the norm between Hungarian accounts, with several cut-off times during the workday. SEPA/Swift transfers are also available, where the transfer is completed within one workday.

The main perks if you have a corporate bank account in Hungary

All our main banking partners provide English-speaking customer service, as well as internet banking. This way, you can perform all routine transactions from your Hungarian bank account even if you are out of the country.

Every bank account can be accompanied by a VISA or MasterCard. While these cards only function as credit cards in some countries, it is common in Hungary to have them as a debit card. The advantage of this is that you only need one card for each account that you can use everywhere, dispensing with the Maestro, Giropay and other limited use cards common in Western Europe. Getting a company credit card is unlikely for a new company – you will need to demonstrate several years of operation to be considered for one.

Want to proceed?

Learn about the aspects of choosing the right bank, or about the process of opening a corporate bank account in Hungary. Or just call +36-1-317-8570 to ask for your English-speaking personal assistant who can guide you though the whole process. You can also write to We are looking forward to your message!

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