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Should I buy into a franchise in Hungary?

December 8, 2016

For a foreign investor looking to start a business in Euroep, buying into a franchise in Hungary is an excellent option: you will be in control of your own business and develop it at your own pace while also enjoying the benefits of an established brand, a proven and successful business model, and a local partner who is just as devoted to your success as you are.

Plan ahead

Even if you already have experience in running a business, a different country has a new set of rules, a different market, and a different taxation system. Involving the franchise owner and Helpers’ local experts in the business planning procedure will help you make strategic decisions and prepare for expenses ahead of time. A well-made business plan includes professional and thoughtful planning in marketing, sales, finance, risk management, HR and operational management, and gives you comprehensive guidance and assistance in how to put your high level business ideas into practice.

Make use of others’ expertise

When you are buying a franchise, you are partnering up with a local business who already has most of this information at hand. They know the local market conditions, the customer base, they have established the brand and managed to lead a well-functioning business. Often, they also have the right people to manage your franchise while you are away from Hungary. All in all, buying into a franchise in Hungary is an excellent way to have a profitable company in a short time. Thanks to the procedures already in place at the franchise owner, the returns on your investment will be easy to calculate and track.

Franchise with Helpers

We have carefully screened the franchising opportunities in Hungary and selected the most promising and viable businesses out there. We can recommend franchises for a wide range of budgets and a variety of activities, from cafes and restaurants to retail outlets and beauty salons. Read about the procedure and our offers here.

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