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Options other than citizenship if you want to live in Hungary

If you want to live in Hungary, getting Hungarian citizenship is just one of your many options. You can get residency as well, based on various activities that require your presence in Hungary – and this way grant you a residence permit.

1. Residence permit with company operation

If you have a mind for business and have a good idea, you can set up a Hungarian company in just 2-3 business days. You will need a solid business plan, an accountant, and a virtual office.

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1/a. Real Estate Residence Permit

If you have the funds but not the original idea required for successful business immigration, you can set up a company for property management if you buy real estate you can rent. This way you will have the steady business required for your residence permit.

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2. Residence permit with work permit

You can become a Hungarian resident also if you find a job in Hungary. The trick is to find a job first, then apply for the combined residency and work permit when you already have the labor contract or at least a written agreement with your would-be employer.

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3. Family unification

If you have your spouse already living in Hungary, either as a resident or a citizen, you can apply for Hungarian residency based on the “family unification” procedure. This is usually most relevant for the families applying together, when a main applicant gets Hungarian residency through business immigration, while their family members (spouse and underage, dependent children) can apply based on the close family ties.

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4. Residency for students

If you study at a Hungarian university, you are automatically entitled for residency for the while of your studies. Just enroll at a university, prove that you are accepted and you have the necessary funds to finance your stay in Hungary, and apply for residency.

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5. Study-to-work residency

Are you already finishing your studies? You want to stay in Hungary, but not sure how? Apply for the study-to-work residency which bridges the gap between your student years and your entering the world of business or employment.

Read more about the study-to-work residence permit here

Not sure which applies to you? Contact us!

If based on the above it is not clear to you how you can get Hungarian residency, or you need help getting started, just let us know, and we will answer your questions related to living in Hungary.

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