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Your handling of recruitment was great personally and executed very well. I only have positives and continue the hard work.

JAKEER PATEL Managing Director, Option Commodities


Bank holidays in 2021 Hungary

If you operate a business in Hungary and you have employees working for you, you must know about Hungarian bank holidays to better plan work loads, budget for wage supplements, and make informed business decisions.

Business etiquette for foreigners in Hungary

If you want to build lasting and fruitful business relationships locally, you should get familiar with basic business etiquette in Hungary. Show your respect towards your partners by being well-dressed, punctual, and polite.

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Looking for employees for your start-up in Hungary? Forget headhunters and traditional recruitment agencies, and choose the full service from Helpers.

Staffing Solutions


Below you can find a list of services we provide on a regular basis. If you do not see what you need, you are still welcome to contact us, and we can discuss the best business solutions for your company.

Company modification: EUR 1,200 (+VAT)

Market or partner research: starting from EUR 1,500 (+VAT)

Business location search (office, warehouse): priced individually, ask for a quote


  • Company extract: EUR 50 (+VAT) (in Hungarian) / EUR 100 (+VAT) (in English)
  • Company stamp: starting from EUR 120 (+VAT)
  • Apostille: EUR 100 (+VAT)
  • Invoice certification: EUR 120 (+VAT)
  • Certificate of origin (of merchandise): EUR 200 (+VAT)

Counsel and representation

  • Tax advisory: EUR 120 (+VAT) / hour (at least 2 hours)
  • Customs assistance: priced individually, ask for a quote
  • Trademark registration: EUR 1,000 (+VAT) (Hungary) or EUR 2,000 (+VAT) (EU)

Premium business plans and market research projects are priced based on a list of research questions and objectives provided by the client before the start. We understand that with all the costs of launching a new business or project, it can be difficult to allocate funds for market research and the temptation can be great to reduce cost by finding ‘free’ information through internet search or informal sources. In our experience, however, such short-cuts rarely pay off, and therefore we will try and work with you to meet your budget while also providing the essential information and contacts you need.

Business plans for residency application: EUR 800-1200 (+VAT if applicable)



Registered seat and mail processing/forwarding service

Our virtual office service satisfies all the needs of a foreign-owned company that does not wish to employ an assistant for handling official mail. It includes the following:

  • registered seat at a central Budapest address
  • receiving and registering incoming mail
  • unlimited scanned and emailed official mail forwarding
  • direct mail forwarding to your accountant
  • English-language summaries as necessary
  • secure disposal of junk mail

You may order the service for just one month or for two years – the longer the period, the smaller the monthly price. Stay with us for more than a year, and get a 20% discount on your first year price.

Single purchase / First year:

  • 1 month: EUR 150 (+VAT)
  • 3 months: EUR 400 (+VAT)
  • 6 months: EUR 750 (+VAT)
  • 1 year: EUR 1,200 (+VAT)
  • 2 years: EUR 2,000 (+VAT)

Starting from year 2:

  • 1 month: EUR 120 (+VAT)
  • 3 months: EUR 320 (+VAT)
  • 6 months: EUR 600 (+VAT)
  • 1 year: EUR 960 (+VAT)
  • 2 years: EUR 1,600 (+VAT)

Click here to see our brochure with a comparison table (in English).


Accounting rates are based on your company’s business activity and volume, although all our packages include the work of an English-speaking, certified accountant, representation at the tax authority in case of inspections, and liability insurance to cover potential accounting errors. Some activities may be considered high-risk and incur higher accounting fees. At the same time, we do our best to offer cost effective solutions to clients and will be happy to work with your staff to share the workload in an optimal way.

Contact us for a tailored quote


Choose the company formation package that best suits your business goals and current situation. All of our packages include everything that is compulsory, with no hidden fees or extras.
Time frame for company registration: complete within 4-5 days of signing

Essential: EUR 1,390 (+ VAT if applicable)

*This option is available only if you can register a company seat on your own and if you can translate Hungarian documents for yourself.

  • company formation (company registration in person or via POA)
  • company registration tax
  • local and EU VAT number
  • bank introduction
  • documentation in Hungarian and English
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director
  • chamber of commerce registration (incl. membership fee for the first year)
  • registration for electronic administration (the “Client Gate”): we accompany you to the public records office to register for electronic administration, vital for the accountancy of your Hungarian company

Standard: EUR 2,390 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Essential package, you get the following:

  • registered office for one year (prestigious business address next to the Parliament)
  • comprehensive mail forwarding and back office for one year: we collect your incoming mail, open it, then forward it to your accountant, or, if necessary, prepare a short summary for you in English, complete with instructions on what (if any) action you need to take
  • company extract in English: verifies that you are operating a company in Hungary, useful e.g. in negotiation with business partners

Office+: EUR 3,490 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • physical office with contract for 6 months: This is an actual office space you can use without limitations. You can bring a guest any time or you can rent a meeting room for up to 11 people.

This package is ideal for serious investors who want to be hands on with their business, and potentially want to relocate to Budapest. If you are interested in getting residency through business operation, please check out our options for business immigration here.

Accounting+: EUR 3,590 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • accountancy for 6 months, complete with handling up to 3 bank accounts, issuing up to 20 invoices per month, and doing payroll for up to 2 employees.

This package is ideal for foreign business-owners who want to take advantage of an English-speaking accounting team from Day 1 of the company’s operation and make sure that the company remains compliant with local tax regulations even while there is little activity.

Remote+: EUR 3,790 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • remote bank account opening: the Hungarian bank account of the company will be opened through a Hungarian CEO we recruit.

This package is ideal for entrepreneurs who do not wish to travel to Hungary for the time being but want to start their company activities as soon as possible. You will have full online access to your corporate bank account, and once you make your first trip to Hungary, you can register yourself at the bank of your company.

Click here to see our brochure with a comparison table (in English).


Naturally, we will be with you from wording your job post to negotiating, drafting and signing the labor contract. We will also brief you on the basics of Hungarian labor law, so you know what your rights and obligations are. If your accounting is also done by Helpers, our bookkeepers will also prepare payroll every month, and calculate all wage and tax cost for you before you make the hire, to avoid any surprises.

This is a typical problem faced by our clients. Do not worry, however, we have a range of solutions for you. First of all, we can choose an office solution for you where your employee will have support and infrastructure when starting to work for you. Secondly, we often provide regular supervision by our own staff (or by our management if necessary) to ensure that your team, however small, will perform at top capacity and meet your expectations.

The answer greatly depends on the type of position you are looking to fill. For example, we have been known to find an English-speaking personal assistant or company administrator in just a day or two. Through our extensive network, we are often able to locate a suitable employee in a very short period of time. However, if you are looking for someone more specialized or the required expertise is in high demand on the market, lead times can be significantly longer – in such situations, we are often able to find you a temporary solution while we search.

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