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After attempting to find some­one by advertising and by calling on head-hunters we turned to HELPERS. The results were absolutely amazing. Within a few days we had interviews with qualified individuals.

PETER FODOR Vice President of Sales, AnaLogic Computers Ltd.


Fringe benefits in Hungary – Cafeteria 2017

Apart from salary, employees can receive a “non-salary compensation”. The various fringe benefits or cafeteria elements offer more favorable taxation options than regular salary – this is why many employers decide to offer cafeteria to their employees.

Hungary on the European job market – Find affordable, quality workforce

Hungary has a special place on the European job market, because thanks to its top-quality universities and relatively low living costs it provides affordable, quality workforce to your new European company.

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Looking for employees for your start-up in Hungary? Forget headhunters and traditional recruitment agencies, and choose the full service from Helpers.

Staffing Solutions in Hungary

Most of our clients’ companies require only one or two employees at the start – a part-time or full-time assistant to help keep the business in order, or perhaps an expert or specialist to contribute the local know-how or network. We will work with you to get the most out of your budget, and ensure that your staffing needs are met quickly and cost-effectively.

As a Helpers-client, you will also benefit from having us handle your staffing along with other issues like accountancy, mail forwarding or business support. Save the time, effort and money spent on consulting a separate recruitment consultant or headhunter agency, and rely on our already existing knowledge of your needs and budget.

Our accountants will ensure that your new employees’ payroll and contracts are in order; we will work with your new assistant to handle your mail in the most efficient way possible; and we can already take your staffing needs into consideration when preparing your business plan or choosing your office solution. Furthermore, if required, we are here to provide training, support and supervision for your employees when you’re away or busy with other things. This way, even a small start-up company can get a truly professional start and be an attractive workplace for talented candidates with great potential.


Staff search and selection: starting from one month’s gross wage (including basic labor contract)

Supervision by Helpers staff: EUR 25/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Supervision by Helpers management: EUR 40-60/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Legal assistance: EUR 120/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Please note that most of our recruitment and HR-related work is priced on a project basis, and tailored to each client’s requirements. To get the best possible rate and solution, consult one of our account managers!


Naturally, we will be with you from wording your job post to negotiating, drafting and signing the labor contract. We will also brief you on the basics of Hungarian labor law, so you know what your rights and obligations are. If your accounting is also done by Helpers, our bookkeepers will also prepare payroll every month, and calculate all wage and tax cost for you before you make the hire, to avoid any surprises.

This is a typical problem faced by our clients. Do not worry, however, we have a range of solutions for you. First of all, we can choose an office solution for you where your employee will have support and infrastructure when starting to work for you. Secondly, we often provide regular supervision by our own staff (or by our management if necessary) to ensure that your team, however small, will perform at top capacity and meet your expectations.

The answer greatly depends on the type of position you are looking to fill. For example, we have been known to find an English-speaking personal assistant or company administrator in just a day or two. Through our extensive network, we are often able to locate a suitable employee in a very short period of time. However, if you are looking for someone more specialized or the required expertise is in high demand on the market, lead times can be significantly longer – in such situations, we are often able to find you a temporary solution while we search.

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