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After attempting to find some­one by advertising and by calling on head-hunters we turned to HELPERS. The results were absolutely amazing. Within a few days we had interviews with qualified individuals.

PETER FODOR Vice President of Sales, AnaLogic Computers Ltd.


Bank holidays in Hungary in 2024

Learn about all the holidays and special days when your business is supposed to be closed, or when special wage supplements need to be provided to employees working on these occasions.

Heating at the office – winter work safety in Hungary

While fall is warm and mild this year, we are already in the season where heaters will inevitably be switched on all over Hungary. Since temperature is an essential element of an appropriate working environment, heating at the office will play an important role in the health as well as the productivity of your employees.

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Looking for employees for your start-up in Hungary? Forget headhunters and traditional recruitment agencies, and choose the full service from Helpers.

Staffing solutions for SMEs in Hungary

Convenient and affordable recruitment, payroll and HR services for your small or medium-size business

The success of your business depends greatly on the people who work with you – but startups and small businesses often lack the resources to find, select, and retain the best employees. On top of this, as a foreign business owner, it can be difficult to understand the local process of recruiting, hiring and taking proper care of your staff, ensuring that you can get the best people possible for a motivating yet affordable salary, and that your operations are compliant with labor law and other regulations.

At Helpers, we specialize in finding cost-effective and professional solutions for foreign-owned small and medium-size businesses, ensuring seamless operation and minimizing business risk.

Cost-effective recruitment

Helpers offers highly competitive, flat rates for the recruitment and hire of new staff – for significantly less than most recruitment firms, we will advise you on formulating the position and setting the optimal salary, take care of advertising, screen and interview candidates, and include a professionally drafted labor contract in the package! If you are already our client, you will additionally benefit from working with an account manager who understands your personal and business goals, and can provide you with tailor-made advice and support.

Ongoing HR support and payroll administration

By using our complex business services, from registered office through accounting, business planning, recruitment and office search, you can ensure that your resources are optimized and there are no costly and inconvenient detours. Once you have hired your first staff member, we will take care of all ongoing administration and HR support, to make sure that your company is always fully compliant and an attractive workplace for talented candidates with great potential from day one.


Recruitment and hire

All packages include the following:

  • HR consultation (max. 2 hours) – formulating salary and job description
  • Advertising the position (4 weeks, on the biggest job portal)
  • Screening and phone interviews – assistance in choosing the best candidate
  • Preparing and filling out the employment contract
  • Registration at relevant state authorities

Flat-rate, all-inclusive packages

  1. Entry-level package: EUR 1,200 (+VAT if applicable)
    For basic office assistant positions that do not require any special qualifications other than knowledge of English
  1. Mid-level package: EUR 1,800 (+VAT if applicable)
    For employees with 1-5 years’ experience and/or professional qualification
  1. Senior package: EUR 3,000 (+VAT if applicable)
    For managerial or other senior positions

Replacement if the employee is leaving within the obligatory 3-month trial period (available for Mid-level and Senior package): 50% of the recruitment fee

Work permit application for non-EU employees (when purchased together with recruitment): EUR 750 (+VAT if applicable) which includes the social security number and the tax number for the employee (standard price for this package: EUR 1,200+VAT)

Registration card for EU citizen employees: EUR 300 (+VAT if applicable) which includes the registration card application, the social security number and the tax number for the employee

Ongoing HR support:
starting from EUR 80 (+VAT) /employee /month

We are happy to offer you an affordable, flat-rate option for keeping tabs on all administrative and HR tasks related to your staff. Sparing you the hassle of payroll, holiday and sick leave administration, hiring and firing procedures, we will take care of all of this directly with your employee (if you wish), so you can focus on running your business.

On-going services:
Included for companies of all sizes

  • Setting up salary and tax payments in the company’s internet bank
  • Holiday administration
  • Sick leave administration
  • Monthly payroll and tax statements
  • Signing payroll related documents on the employer’s behalf (with an authorization)

One-time and yearly services:
Only included for companies with 4+ employees. Otherwise available as consultation, on an hourly basis (EUR 80/hour)

  • Setting up the company’s fringe benefit system (advising the company owner and the staff on various options and taking care of the administration of these)
  • HR consultation (1hr/person/year) to handle specific issues with each staff member
  • Submitting the employee’s personal income tax returns
  • Organizing obligatory yearly health check-ups and fire safety trainings
  • Handling the distribution of year-end documents
  • Labor contract modifications (max. 2/year/employee)
  • Bonus agreements and documentation (max. 2/year/employee)
  • Handling exit documents in case the employee is leaving

Additional assistance is available on an hourly basis, e.g. HR consultation, legal and labor law consultation – please contact us to request a tailored quote!

Please contact your account manager to request a tailored quote and start the process of building a successful organization in Hungary!


Naturally, we will be with you from wording your job post to negotiating, drafting and signing the labor contract. We will also brief you on the basics of Hungarian labor law, so you know what your rights and obligations are. If your accounting is also done by Helpers, our bookkeepers will also prepare payroll every month, and calculate all wage and tax cost for you before you make the hire, to avoid any surprises.

This is a typical problem faced by our clients. Do not worry, however, we have a range of solutions for you. First of all, we can choose an office solution for you where your employee will have support and infrastructure when starting to work for you. Secondly, we often provide regular supervision by our own staff (or by our management if necessary) to ensure that your team, however small, will perform at top capacity and meet your expectations.

The answer greatly depends on the type of position you are looking to fill. For example, we have been known to find an English-speaking personal assistant or company administrator in just a day or two. Through our extensive network, we are often able to locate a suitable employee in a very short period of time. However, if you are looking for someone more specialized or the required expertise is in high demand on the market, lead times can be significantly longer – in such situations, we are often able to find you a temporary solution while we search.

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