HELPERS offers the most comprehensive, full-service business and immigration solutions on the Hungarian market. Most of our services are priced as convenient packages, including everything you will need in order to achieve your goals in Hungary.

Our company formation, business / investment immigration packages, translation fees and hourly rates are formulated in a way that makes them cost-effective and affordable while enabling us to provide you top-notch service. Read our rate cards below, and contact us for a tailored quote!

Business services

Our START-UP and YEAR-ONE package for EUR 2,500 (+ VAT if applicable) includes the following:

Start-up services:

  • company formation (company registration in person or via POA)
  • company registration tax
  • local and international VAT number
  • bank account assistance
  • documentation in Hungarian and English
  • start-up accountancy (initial reporting towards authorities)
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director
  • chamber of commerce registration (incl. membership fee for the first year)

Year-one services:

  • registered office for one year
  • mail handling and forwarding for one year

Time frame for company registration: complete within 2-3 days of signing

This start-up package covers everything that is compulsory for the company at the start. Additionally, all Hungarian companies must have accountancy at all times, so we require clients to either sign up for accountancy with us, or appoint their own locally licensed accountant. We provide clients with detailed cost calculations for ongoing expenses (accounting, taxes, invoicing software license, and any additional business support services required) in advance if needed.

Accounting rates are based on your company’s business activity and volume, although all our packages include the work of an English-speaking, certified accountant, representation at the tax authority in case of inspections, and liability insurance to cover potential accounting errors. Some activities may be considered high-risk and incur higher accounting fees. At the same time, we do our best to offer cost effective solutions to clients and will be happy to work with your staff to share the workload in an optimal way. Here are some basic price categories:

Inactive package (size “XS”) – paid quarterly: EUR 100/month, i.e., EUR 300/quarter (+VAT if applicable)

Active packages (size “S” through “XL”) – paid quarterly: starting from EUR 160/month, i.e. EUR 480/quarter (+VAT if applicable)

The minimum payment term is 3 months in advance. We offer discounts for pre-payment of 6 or 12 months’ service.

Please click here to download our full price list or contact us for a consultation and to receive a tailored quote!

Registered seat and mail processing/forwarding service:

Standard package: EUR 1,000/year (+VAT if applicable)

Our basic virtual office service includes a central Budapest address with mail forwarding and processing by Helpers staff, sending mail directly to your accountant, and preparing English summaries of Hungarian letters as necessary.

Business Premium package: EUR 1,800/year (+VAT if applicable)

Beside all services of the standard package, you get the following additional services:

  • Unlimited official/business mail forwarding to a foreign address
  • Secure online storage of documents
  • Company logo displayed at the registered seat
  • Domain subscription with company name
  • Postal mail forwarding from your private apartment in Budapest
  • Company stamp to verify your documents

For the detailed service list of each package, click here. In case you like some offers from the Premium package but not all, please feel free to ask for a tailored quote.

Our special offer: subscribe for 2 years of either package and get 40% discount on the 2nd year!

The virtual office service can be supplemented with secretarial service or other back office services. We also offer preferential rates for package orders including more than one service.

Premium business plans and market research projects are priced based on a list of research questions and objectives provided by the client before the start. We understand that with all the costs of launching a new business or project, it can be difficult to allocate funds for market research and the temptation can be great to reduce cost by finding ‘free’ information through internet search or informal sources. In our experience, however, such short-cuts rarely pay off, and therefore we will try and work with you to meet your budget while also providing the essential information and contacts you need.

Business plans for residency application: EUR 800-1200 (+VAT if applicable)


All our services are priced on an as-needed basis, with no hidden and unnecessary extras.

We offer project-based payment options for one-time, well-defined tasks like acquiring a particular business license, researching and drawing up a business plan, finding a suitable partner, recruiting staff, or setting up an office or warehouse.

For on-going support such as back office and secretarial services, financial controlling and planning, HR monitoring and consulting, sales representation or customer service, our clients can choose between pay-as-you-go (hourly) rates or flat monthly retainer fees.

For retainer contracts, we usually structure our prices in the following way:

Start-up costs:

  • Office rental: finding a suitable space, negotiating and concluding the rental agreement
  • Office set-up: installing internet, phone lines, buying and setting up furniture and other office equipment, arranging for property insurance and cleaning services
  • Recruitment: recruiting and hiring staff members based on your specifications and budget; drafting labor contracts and job descriptions

On-going costs:

  • Office rent, overhead and maintenance: rental fee, plus maintenance and utilities
  • Salaries for your staff: paid directly to the staff members based on payroll we provide
  • Supervision and back office support: provided by Helpers based on our agreement
  • Accountancy: this is obligatory for all Hungarian companies
  • Taxes: we will give you all calculations through a well-oiled reporting system

Trial period: We recommend a three-month starting period with higher supervision and guidance for your employees, after which we negotiate and settle into a routine cooperation.

Staff search and selection: starting from one month’s gross wage (including basic labor contract)

Supervision by Helpers staff: EUR 25/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Supervision by Helpers management: EUR 40-60/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Legal assistance: EUR 120/hour (+VAT if applicable)

Please note that most of our recruitment and HR-related work is priced on a project basis, and tailored to each client’s requirements. To get the best possible rate and solution, consult one of our account managers!

We offer our web design and marketing services in two packages. By choosing either service package you will surely get the following:

  • Company logo (2 or 6 plans)
  • Business cards (2 or 3 plans, 50 or 200 pieces)
  • Company letterhead (to match your logo and business card design)
  • Company stamp
  • Company web domain (1 year, with .hu, .eu, .com or .net url)
  • Web storage place for your site content (1 year, 10 GB)
  • WordPress interface for editing your content – easy to use, so you can modify your content and update your services whenever you want
  • Basic content for your website: short introduction and contact info
  • Company email addresses (easy to create, number unlimited)

Standard package: EUR 790 + VAT

Advanced package: EUR 990 + VAT

For a more transparent table, please check out our brochure here.

In case you wish to build a more complex website, you can still count on us. Our devoted team can assist you with content development based on your input (e.g. product descriptions, introduction of your team, client testimonials, FAQ, etc.). Moreover, the international team of the Helpers translation agency can convert your website into a multilingual platform for the convenience of your customers.

Other marketing materials such as leaflets, banners, promotional gifts also available upon request. If you can think it, we can make it happen. Of course, all the above listed services are available separately. Ask for a tailored quote now!

The price of our business translation services covers not only the translation itself provided by a native speaker professional, but also editing and proofreading by another native speaker colleague to guarantee excellent quality. Moreover, it covers the expert project coordination to make sure we can always meet your deadlines.

The price of the translation is calculated based on source words, that is, how many words your document contains. General translation price varies depending on the language from EUR 0.10 to EUR 0.18 / source word (+VAT) – please see our rate card here. Another factor is how much special knowledge a translation needs; specialized translation e.g. legal, medical, etc. may cost more.

Discounts on our business translation services are available for regular customers and for orders of large volume. Send us your document in an editable format, and ask for a tailored quote!

Immigration services

Full-service package price EUR 4,990 (+VAT if applicable) including:

  • company incorporation (incl. bank account assistance, VAT registration)
  • registered office and mail forwarding / processing for one year
  • business plan for the purposes of residency application
  • tax number and social security number for the applicant (company director)
  • residency application (consulting and paperwork assistance)
  • invitation letter (issued by our company)
  • housing search (one apartment)

Additional related services:

  • family unification visa for the applicant’s family members: EUR 600 (+VAT)/person
  • work permit and resident permit for additional directors/staff: EUR 600 – 990 (+VAT)/person
  • VIP client visits with a designated driver/personal assistant: from EUR 250 (+VAT)/day

Residency Renewal

  • Residency Renewal Package for main applicant: EUR 1,000 (+VAT), with business plan update included
  • Residency Renewal for spouse: EUR 600 (+VAT)
  • Residency Renewal for minor child: EUR 300 (+VAT)

Please contact us to receive a comprehensive price quote!

Investment (to be returned at the end of the 5-year term): EUR 300,000

One-time processing fee for the whole family: EUR 60,000

Financing options may also be available for you – speak to one of our consultants!

HELPERS exclusive offer: VIP assistance including legal consultancy on immigration issues, personal assistance, chauffeur services and more, all for FREE!

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program is currently suspended. For other options on obtaining European residency/citizenship, please visit, where you can see the offers by country.

The most common types of permits and other documents requested are:

Immigration and residency:

Resident permit/Long-term visa (non-EU, no gainful activity): EUR 600 (+VAT)
Registration card (EU): EUR 180 (+VAT)
Citizenship application: EUR 2,000 (+ VAT)
Address registration: EUR 100 (+VAT)
Driving license localization: EUR 300 (+VAT) (+the actual translation cost)

Employment and work visa:

Work permit & resident permit*: EUR 900 (+VAT)
Social security card: EUR 100 (+VAT)
Tax number: EUR 100 (+VAT)
Opening bank account: EUR 100 (+VAT)

* As of January 2014, there is a single permit that unites what were formerly known as work permit and residency for employment purposes. As such, clients seeking to settle in Hungary for the purposes of employment will need only this one procedure.

In addition, we also offer some of these residency solutions in packages. Click here to find out more about residency through business ownership (business immigration).

If you are looking for something that is not on the list above, contact us for a tailored quote!

Work permit & resident permit*: EUR 900 (+VAT)
Social security card: EUR 100 (+VAT)
Tax number: EUR 100 (+VAT)
Opening personal bank account: EUR 100 (+VAT)

* As of January 2014, there is a single permit that unites what were formerly known as work permit and residency for employment purposes. As such, clients seeking to settle in Hungary for the purposes of employment will need only this one procedure.

Citizenship application: EUR 2,000 (+VAT if applicable)

Click here for our full residency price list, or here to find out about the investment immigration program!

Non-EU residency application, including family unification / student visa: EUR 600 (+VAT if applicable)

Tax number: EUR 100 (+VAT if applicable)

Social security number: EUR 100 (+VAT if applicable)

Full-service packages for students, including assistance with university selection and application, travel and housing arrangements: between EUR 850 and EUR 1,500 (+VAT if applicable).

For families applying for residency together, we offer significant package discounts.

Click here to learn about our other residency options, or here to find out about our personal assistance service!

When you consult with us about the nature of assistance you need, we’ll be happy to find the best solution for you whether it is hourly assistance, a weekly or monthly retainer contract, or a project-based arrangement.

Our basic personal assistance service costs EUR 25 (+VAT) per hour, and is available in the following discounted packages:

Prepaid packages:

10 hours good for two months: EUR 225 (+VAT)
20 hours good for four months: EUR 425 (+VAT)
30 hours good for six months: EUR 600 (+VAT)
Here, the minimum unit is one hour, and we ask for a 48-hour notice for any task.

Single blocks of hours:

3 hours: EUR 75 (+VAT)
5 hours: EUR 120 (+VAT)
10 hours: EUR 200 (+VAT)
The blocks should be used up over one day, and we’re happy to assist at a 24-hour notice.

Emergency (same-day) assistance: EUR 40 (+VAT) per hour.

Jobs requiring specialized expertise (e.g. legal, financial) or professional interpreting skills: based on the type of job EUR 40 to 80 (+VAT) per hour. Please ask about your specific requirements.

Driver + assistant service: EUR 250 (+VAT) per day (including vehicle no rental needed)

Invest in Hungary

Our franchise service is available to existing business clients already operating a Hungarian company through Helpers, and also to new clients looking for a lucrative business idea. Our pricing is tailored to both, so you can minimize your risk and get the most out of your budget.

Step 1 – Selection of franchise

Price: EUR 6,000 (+VAT if applicable)

Initial franchise consultation

Price: EUR 1,000 (+VAT if applicable)


  • consultation with our investment advisor
  • access to our up-to-date franchise portfolio
  • business and financial information on franchise options
  • detailed information on 2 selected franchises

Milestone: choice of 2 franchise options by client

Special offer:
Company formation & franchise package – save EUR 1,000:
Set up a new Hungarian company
through Helpers through our company formation service, and receive the initial franchise consultation free of charge!

Feasibility study and basic business plan

Price: EUR 5,000 (+VAT if applicable)


  • initial negotiation with one franchise owner
  • signing of letters of intent
  • preparation of feasibility study based on market research
  • presentation of basic business plan for go/no-go decision

Milestone: decision to go ahead with detailed business planning, location search and negotiation / legalities

Special offer:
Franchise & business immigration package – save EUR 2,500:
Buy a franchise through Helpers and we will handle the residency procedure for you and your family free of charge!
The discount also applies for our existing clients who have established and currently manage their Hungarian company with us.

Step 2 – Detailed business planning, negotiation and signing

Price: EUR 8,000 to EUR 25,000 (+VAT if applicable); depending on the investment category

  • negotiation of franchise terms with the franchise owner
  • finalizing franchise agreement via our expert legal team
  • preparation of final business plan with detailed financial information
  • finding and contracting suitable location for the business
  • recruitment of local managing director
  • assistance with signing contracts and setting up reporting structure


Residential property

When buying an apartment or a house through Helpers, you will pay only a success fee (and obligatory costs like legal and administrative fees). Click here for details!

Commercial property

Similarly to residential property, our fee is based on a successful deal – while we can also provide you additional services to support your procedure. Read more at this link.

Property management

We do not leave you on your own even after you’ve bought a property – look in the property management section for our various packages and rates, most of which are available to clients buying a property with our assistance at a discount.

For a detailed quote or cost calculation, you’re always welcome to contact us and ask for a free consultation!

Crucially, you pay nothing until a deal is finalized and signed — and before you commit, we will calculate the total cost for you.

Your costs will be made up of the following:
Success fee (payable only if a deal is finalized): 2% of the purchase price
Legal fees: max. 1% of the investment
Registration tax: 4% of the investment
Purchase licenses, documents: EUR 200 (+VAT if applicable)

If you would like to get an estimate of the cost structure in advance, please consult with our investment advisor!

Additional services for property buyers:
If you’re buying a property through Helpers, you become eligible for significant discounts on our property management packages — please click here for details.

Our services are priced based on the value of the investment and the complexity of the legal and licensing procedure.

Crucially, you pay nothing until a deal is finalized and signed – and before you commit, we will calculate the total cost for you.

Your costs will be made up of the following:
Success fee (payable only if a deal is finalized): 1-3% of the investment
Legal fees: max. 1% of the investment
Registration tax: 4% of the investment
Purchase licenses, documents: EUR 200 (+VAT if applicable)

If you would like to get an estimate of the cost structure in advance, please consult with our investment advisor!

Starting package

Price: EUR 240 (+VAT if applicable)

  • Consultancy with our real estate advisor
  • Transfer of utilities contracts (electricity, gas, phone, water)

Starting package Plus

Price: EUR 420 (+VAT if applicable)

  • Consultancy with our real estate advisor
  • Transfer of utilities contracts (electricity, gas, phone, water)
  • cable or satellite TV, internet
  • applying for home insurance

“Home management” package

Monthly fee: 12% of the rent

  • periodic check-ups of the property
  • picking up mail
  • notifying you of any broken appliances or other required repairs
  • collecting rent from the tenant
  • paying the bills
  • representing you at building assemblies
  • serving as a general contact and keyholder for your property

“Vacation rental” package

Monthly fee: 35% of the total income

  • 24/7 on-call and online assistance for guests
  • management of the advertisement with text, pictures, guidebook, etc.
  • management of check-in and check-out
  • cleaning
  • management of pricing (season, weekdays, Formula 1, etc)
  • management of calendar
  • providing amenities
  • “Welcome pack”
  • Hungarian mobile phone to keep contact with guests
  • regular maintenance work of the property

Additional services

Price: EUR 25/hour (+VAT if applicable)
You may require some additional services that are not included in the packages above. We are happy to help you with anything, please find some ideas below:

  • assembly of furniture
  • interior design
  • moving and packaging
  • finding repairmen and other providers
  • representing you at the apartment owners’ general meetings

Discounts and special offers:
If you buy your property through Helpers, you will receive our Starting Package free of charge!