How to pay your company related taxes in Hungary

October 12, 2022

If you operate a Hungarian company, you will have to pay taxes. Taxes in Hungary must be paid by wire transfer from your Hungarian HUF corporate bank account to the dedicated bank account of the Tax Authority. Let’s get a closer look at how that works.

Taxes at your Hungarian company

The basic taxes at your Hungarian company are as follows:

  • Local business tax: at most 2% on your net revenues.
  • Corporate tax (also known as profit tax): 9% on your profits
  • Payroll taxes: personal income tax (15%) and social security contribution (18.5%) deducted from the gross salary of employees, social contribution tax (13%) paid by the employer on top of the gross salary.
  • VAT (value added tax, also known as sales tax): 27% on the net price; paid by your client, but you must forward it to the Tax Authority.

Depending on your business, other types of taxes may apply. Consult your accountant before you make any major purchases for your company, such as buying property.

Paying taxes on behalf of your Hungarian company

Taxes must be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and they are calculated regularly by your accountant. In special cases, you might also receive a note from the Tax Authority that a specific tax must be paid, e.g. after a property purchase.

Whether the information comes from your accountant or the Tax Authority, you will always receive the details of the tax to be paid.

  • Tax name and code
  • Tax to be paid, indicated in HUF
  • Bank account number (with “Magyar Államkincstár”, the Hungarian State Treasury)

Normally, you are supposed to pay your taxes in HUF by wire transfer from your Hungarian corporate bank account. Unless told otherwise, you should indicate the VAT number of your company in the comment section.

  • Pay your taxes in HUF
  • Start the transfer from a HUF account (preferably from a HUF account related to your Hungarian company)
  • Indicate the company’s VAT number in the comment section of the transfer

What if you do not have a Hungarian corporate bank account?

Tax payments can only be completed by wire transfer. If your company does not have a Hungarian bank account for whatever reason (especially as corporate bank account opening in Hungary has become more difficult over the last few years), you can try and make the payment from:

  • Your personal bank account;
  • The bank account of the parent company;
  • Through Wise or any other similar fintech provider.

Unfortunately, other forms of payment are not accepted in the case of company related taxes. This means that you cannot walk in to a branch office of the Treasury to make a deposit to the right tax account number, nor can you ask for a yellow cheque to pay your company related taxes at a post office. You must make a wire transfer.

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