Business Services

Company Formation

It offers you a space where you can spend time on your own or with your clients. This will also contribute to the Hungarian bank account opening procedure, since it proves to the bank that you are committed to operating a viable company in the local market.

The client gate (or “Ügyfélkapu” in Hungarian) is an access point to e-Government, or the electronic administration in Hungary. It lets you take care of paperwork online or make appointments at public records offices. You can register your Hungarian company at the company gate through the client gate, which makes it essential for company opening. Read more here.

The company gate (or “Cégkapu” in Hungarian) is a web portal with an electronic storage place where official mail is always accessible. It is similar to the registered address of your company, and registration is also compulsory. Currently only the tax authority sends messages there, but the range of authorities will be expanded in the future. If you have your accountancy at Helpers, we can take care of the registration for you, as your accountant may be authorized to view your official mail – especially letters from the tax authority. You can read more here.

If you order the accountancy service together with the registered seat and mail forwarding from Helpers Hungary, you can make sure that all the official enquiries will reach you and your accountant on time, and your company will never miss a deadline when it comes to administration.

The company will automatically receive an EU VAT number as well as a local tax number upon registration – no need for further paperwork! Every Hungarian company is automatically eligible, so there is no application process. You can start trading with your new VAT number as soon as the company is registered.

You can set up a subsidiary to any Hungarian or foreign company, in this case we will need:

  • a company registration document that contains the parent company’s name, seat address, registration number, and the director(s) name(s) – this document needs to be apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate and translated into Hungarian (the latter we can arrange).
  • the details of the director of the parent company (date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, address)
  • a POA from the director of the parent company (in case he/she is not going to be present in Budapest) – once we have all the details, we can draft this and send it to you – this document also needs to be Apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate
  • a POA from the director (and any shareholder) of the Hungarian subsidiary – this document also needs to be Apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate

You can set up a company via POA – we will require authentication (simple notary, apostille, or authentication by a Hungarian consulate, depending on where you are signing), and we can arrange the company registration without your presence. However, the director of the company has to travel to Budapest at least for one day to open the bank account for the company. Alternatively, you can schedule a 3-4 business day long trip and complete the procedure during your stay.

One of the advantages of incorporating a company in Hungary is that there is no obligation to deposit the share capital in the bank, and 100% of this capital can be spent immediately after incorporation on company-related expenses. The amount of the share capital is HUF 3 000 000 (cca EUR 8,300). All related services (e.g. accounting services, registered office) can be deducted from the share capital, so in case of a tax audit (which is common for foreign owned companies in the first few months) the authorities will not question the whereabouts of the funds. Alternatively, if the share capital is not spent by the time of the audit (on start-up expenses or other deductibles such as wages or office/material costs), you may have to present this amount in cash/on the bank account.

Yes. Helpers offers full-service assistance with setting up a business in Hungary. Hungarian company formation is one of the fastest in the European Union – from the signing of the registration documents, it takes no more than 24-48 hours. VAT registration is also immediate, so you can start working immediately, and take advantage of Hungary’s favorable 9% corporate tax.

Accounting and Finance

  • submitting invoices and bank statements to the accountant: 5th of each month
  • reporting sick leaves, salaries or bonuses: 1st of each month
  • reporting any changes in the company’s operations (changes in ownership, owner’s or director’s personal data, bank accounts, activity, employees, etc.): within 5 working days
  • fiscal year closing / annual reports due: May 31st for the previous fiscal year
  • VAT declarations and payments: on the 20th of each month, for the preceding month or quarter (depending on how often the company declares VAT)
  • payroll taxes & social contributions: on the 12th of each month, for the preceding month
  • corporate tax advances: paid quarterly on the 20th of July, October, January and April, in 4 equal installments, calculated on the basis of the previous closed fiscal year
  • local business tax advance: paid twice a year (15th March and September)

The basic Hungarian business taxes are the following:

  • local business tax: 2% on net revenues (meaning: your income minus any direct costs such as cost of goods or services that are re-sold)
  • corporate tax (also known as profit tax): 9%; applies to profits after the deduction of all expenses including direct and general expenses
  • dividend tax: the company’s taxed profits can be retained in the company’s budget or paid out to shareholders as dividend; in Hungary, dividend tax is 15% and there is an additional 13% social contribution tax payable which is maximized in HUF 832,416 (ca. EUR 2,100) per year – however, this only applies to Hungarian residents; in the case of non-local residents, specific bilateral agreements between Hungary and your country of residence may apply.
  • VAT (value added tax, or also known as sales tax in some countries) is 27%; whenever you buy something in a shop for example, it is always already added to the price you see. You will charge VAT only towards individual (retail) buyers or corporate EU-based buyers who are not registered for VAT, meaning that if you are an international trader, you may not charge VAT at all.

VAT is value added tax, also known as sales tax in some countries. In Hungary, VAT is 27%, and whenever you buy something in a shop for example, it is always already added to the price you see, so you do not have to start counting each time how much something will cost. When you start your company in Hungary (which will immediately receive an EU VAT number as well), and issue your own invoices towards your clients, you will charge VAT only towards individual (retail) buyers or corporate EU-based buyers who are not registered for VAT. However, if you are an international trader, you may not charge VAT at all.

Invoices to buyers/clients can only be issued through a licensed invoicing software (recommended) or an official ’invoice booklet’ (not very convenient). Invoices issued in Excel, foreign invoicing programs or other means are not acceptable in Hungary. We strongly recommend that you purchase a license for the invoicing software (license fee: approx. EUR 140/year) and learn to use this program through our assistance. This way, you’ll be able to issue invoices in Hungarian and English, in full compliance with the local regulations, and even in PDF format if you wish.

In Hungary, all companies must submit regular accounting reports (in Hungarian) from the date of their incorporation. We are aware that some countries are more flexible or lenient in this regard, so we would like to ensure that our clients are aware of their obligations when setting up a company in this country, and can (with our assistance) run a compliant operation.

Virtual Office

In Hungary, a registered seat is a legal business address. This is where government authorities will expect to find your company, therefore it is crucial that a competent person is there to handle any incoming mail or enquiry. It is best if the company’s seat address remains the same throughout your Hungarian operation, while you might want to move your shop or office location as your business grows. If you have our virtual office service as your company seat, you can have all of your business mail from partners and the authorities sent to your registered address, and then forwarded to you or your accountant at whatever address you choose.

The virtual office is a service that provides a legal physical address that serves as your company’s registered seat, complete with competent staff who are there to receive all mail, as well as deal with possible enquiries from the authorities. Moreover, our service contains administrative support besides the mail forwarding services: we open your letters, decide where each has to be forwarded, securely dispose of junk mail, and only email you when something requires your attention, providing a short English summary of the content if necessary. This leaves you free to handle only those items that require your personal touch.

You can, but only if your friend can guarantee that your company’s name and details will be displayed at his or her place in the manner dictated by law; that she will be able to represent your company if a tax inspector shows up (at times unannounced) to check up on the business; that she will know what to do with urgent mail from authorities that often require a response or action within just a few days; and that she will take responsibility (and offer you compensation) in case you miss an important deadline or inspection because she is away traveling. Otherwise, you are better off with a professional registered seat provider like Helpers.

We forward urgent mail within 2 days (scan copies sent electronically) and non-urgent mail weekly. However, in many cases you will not have to deal with the mail at all – for example, we will forward all accounting-related paperwork and notices to your accountant directly, especially if the mail is in Hungarian.

No, it isn’t. The virtual office is where authorities expect to find you. They will always contact you in a written form, and letters can easily be forwarded to the person responsible (mostly your accountant). Authorities will never try to contact you via the phone. If you need someone to pick up the phone and answer questions on your or your company’s behalf, you will need to hire an assistant, who can always give up-to-date answers to callers.

Business Planning

Although Hungary is an extremely business-friendly nation, with reasonable requirements that are relatively easy to meet, it is important to get your business plan right. The authorities will consider all aspects of your business plan when deciding whether to grant or extend your Hungarian resident permit. You must provide documentation to support your claims, and demonstrate that your business is realistic, compliant with all regulations, and has a reasonable chance for success. To be sure that your business plan is written in a manner that will satisfy the authorities, it is best to work with a local Hungarian consultant.

If you are not pressed for time, we recommend that you spend a few months (with our help) on market research – once you have a basic idea or several ideas, we can investigate the feasibility of these ideas and advise on the implementation. This way, we can ensure that the business is set up in the optimal way for you. Alternatively, if you are interested in starting immediately, we can assist you in finding you business opportunities, e.g. a local company that is already in with local partners. (This way you will also become eligible for residency.) Usually this solution requires between EUR 80K and 200K investment so it’s more costly but in some ways less risky than starting your own business from scratch.

The main business idea or business concept for your Hungarian company usually has to come from you. You have to make sure the business is designed in such a way that you are able to run it successfully and you have all the required resources for this. Otherwise, we will end up making unrealistic projections in the business plan. At the same time, of course we can help you make your basic business idea more precise, find the required information, contacts, partners, staff or other resources, and provide the local know-how to convert your idea into a concrete plan.

The business plan is an obligatory part of the residency application, and it must show (via precise market information, financial calculations and supporting documents) that:

  • the company is viable and its plans are realistic
  • the director (i.e. the applicant) is capable of running the company successfully
  • the director’s full-time presence in Hungary is required for the company’s operations
  • the company will produce enough profit to support its own operations as well as the livelihood of the applicant (and the dependents of the applicant, if any)

When providing a quote for the business plan, we take into consideration the amount and quality of the input provided by the director and the amount of market research we will have to carry out in order to produce a quality business plan. If the business plan is not properly researched and the data/assumptions included in it are not realistic, this will put the application at risk; further, it will be very difficult to implement the business plan, which will cause problems when the resident permit needs to be renewed. Because of this, we can only undertake the preparation of the business plan and assume responsibility for its acceptance by the consulate or immigration authority if proper background research has been conducted by the applicant or by us.

Business Solutions

First of all, we are the only provider in Hungary that specializes in working with foreign business owners in the small and medium-size sector. Our clients have a lot of special requirements: they usually do not speak Hungarian, are not very familiar with the local market, and they travel a lot – and at the same time, they are used to doing business in a convenient and professional way. Often the small company they set up in Hungary is only a part of a bigger international business venture, or else it may be a family business that is entirely new for them. With 15+ years’ experience working in this niche, we have become experts at finding great solutions for you.

Absolutely not. In fact, it is precisely start-ups and small businesses that can make ideal use of our flexible business solutions and business incubator options. Once the company is successful and grows, it can support its own internal structure with specialists and assistants covering every angle. At the beginning, however, it is crucial that the director should focus on the actual business – and leave the administration and daily operation to us.

An apostille is an internationally recognized way of authentication. You are most probably to need an apostille when you are setting up a company in Hungary as a foreign investor through a power of attorney, without travelling to Hungary. However, the method of attestation required will depend on your country of residence and on the purpose of the document. Our colleagues will always check what kind of attestation you need depending on your project, but you can already learn more here.

When transporting merchandise internationally, especially from outside the EU, you might be required to provide additional proof to the Customs Office for letting the shipment enter the country. This may include submitting the invoice based on which the delivery is being made. However, for that purpose, the invoice must be attested by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce – after which it will be referred to as a certified invoice or a commercial invoice.

A certificate of origin proves where goods were created or produced. It may be used for various customs related process in the country of destination, for tenders, insurance, or export financing, just to name a few purposes. It can be issued by the Chamber of Commerce based on various documents, including a certified invoice for the sale.

The name, logo, or slogan of your business can distinguish your company from your competitors, and as such they are considered trademarks. Registering them prevents others from copying your trademark and lets customers recognize your brand. The process may take 6-12 months, but in the end your trademark will be registered retroactively, for the date your application was submitted. You can learn more about the trademark registration process here.

Staffing Solutions

Naturally, we will be with you from wording your job post to negotiating, drafting and signing the labor contract. We will also brief you on the basics of Hungarian labor law, so you know what your rights and obligations are. If your accounting is also done by Helpers, our bookkeepers will also prepare payroll every month, and calculate all wage and tax cost for you before you make the hire, to avoid any surprises.

This is a typical problem faced by our clients. Do not worry, however, we have a range of solutions for you. First of all, we can choose an office solution for you where your employee will have support and infrastructure when starting to work for you. Secondly, we often provide regular supervision by our own staff (or by our management if necessary) to ensure that your team, however small, will perform at top capacity and meet your expectations.

The answer greatly depends on the type of position you are looking to fill. For example, we have been known to find an English-speaking personal assistant or company administrator in just a day or two. Through our extensive network, we are often able to locate a suitable employee in a very short period of time. However, if you are looking for someone more specialized or the required expertise is in high demand on the market, lead times can be significantly longer – in such situations, we are often able to find you a temporary solution while we search.

Web Design and Marketing

Domain and storage maintenance for the first year are included in our package price. The service will have to be renewed with your provider each year. It will cost EUR 50 / year.

Your website by default will present a short introduction of your company together with your contact information. As an additional service, we can write further content for your website based on your input, e.g. product descriptions, detailed introduction, FAQ, etc. We can also translate your content to several languages, this way creating a multilingual platform. However, you may easily add content on your own as well, as the WordPress interface is really user-friendly and intuitive.

Before we prepare the designs, we will consult you on your basic ideas – color, style, message to convey – in order to make sure these fit the image of your company. We will prepare more than one designs based upon these, and you will have the chance to suggest modifications before we finalize the design. This way the result will surely meet your expectations.

Translation Agency

Our translators use MemoQ translation technology. The developers of MemoQ work with us regularly to train our translators, and help us design complicated translation projects (e.g., multilingual websites). The use of the online MemoQ interface allows us to guarantee consistency and eliminate oversights and typing errors, makes it possible for several translators to work together simultaneously on one project without overlap, and provides statistical analyses of each text that we base our pricing on.

Translation jobs do not end when the translators are finished. Experienced native speakers of the target language immediately start checking whether the style and tone of the translation are appropriate, subject-matter experts scan the document once again to make sure technical terms are used correctly, and an additional translator is invited to double-check that there is no mistake in names and figures throughout the document.

The translation price covers the expenses not only of the translation itself, but of the whole workflow that makes is possible. Helpers has well-designed controlling processes in place to ensure that our prices allow us to not only employ the best translators and editors in the market, but also to provide them with in-house training and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, efficient project management solutions ensure that our translation and editing fees are used in an optimal way to achieve our clients’ communications goals and, in the interest of our clients, to allow us to continuously develop the quality and speed of our translation services.

Translation fees are based on the languages involved, the source document’s word count, the complexity of the subject matter, the document format, the deadline, etc. Texts that contain a large amount of repetition can be significantly cheaper to translate. To obtain an exact quote for your translation project, please send us your document. Please note that editable formats make translation much simpler (and thus cheaper) so – if possible – send an electronic version (not fax or paper copy) in a widely used format.

Immigration Services

Business Immigration

It offers you a space where you can spend time on your own or with your clients. This will also contribute to the Hungarian bank account opening procedure, since it proves to the bank that you are committed to operating a viable company in the local market.

Hungary is part of Europe’s Schengen zone, providing easy and document-free access to numerous European nations. The cost of living in Hungary is much lower than is true in most of Europe, and a business-friendly economic climate has led to a boom, especially in the nation’s major cities. Clean and efficient, modern Hungary is an excellent place to start a business and raise a family.

No; it is understood that you are a businessperson and may need to travel a lot, especially if you have businesses elsewhere. However, bear in mind that the company’s activities or the proposals made in the business plan may require you to visit Hungary frequently or to spend significant amounts of time here. Please discuss this with us, in order to avoid jeopardizing your chances of renewal.

For a full list of frequently asked questions about business immigration and doing business in Hungary, please click here!

Unlike in some other countries, in Hungary owning property in itself does not qualify you for residency since in the application process we have to show that you have some regular activity (business, employment or other) in Hungary, so you should be in or travel to Hungary regularly in order to perform this activity. If you wish to invest in property and get residency, the best option is to set up a company for property management and buy the property through this company.

One director per company can get residency without a work permit if he/she has an active role in the running of the company and has the required qualifications/experience. The other directors will need a work permit to become employed with the company OR the company must have at least three Hungarian employees per additional director.

The average salary in Budapest is around EUR 500-600 net per month; however, as a foreigner you cannot expect to live on this amount because you also need to consider the cost of rental and starting expenses. Realistically, you should calculate a minimum of EUR 300 per person for accommodation and utilities, and another EUR 600-800/person for living expenses.

The invitation letter is part of the package if you order our services. Since it must describe the business relationship between you and Helpers, we can only provide it as an item of a full service, and we cannot provide it individually.

Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

Europe’s newest and most attractive investment immigration program presents an exceptional opportunity for getting PR in an EU and Schengen member state, and live, do business, or travel freely to and within Europe. In exchange for a safe and state-guaranteed investment of EUR 300,000 to be returned at the end of the 5-year term, applicants of all nationalities can obtain permanent resident permits with only a single visit to Hungary (and a 60,000-euro processing fee). Invest for 5-years – and get lifetime residency for the entire family in a matter of weeks!





Our goal is help you realize this totally safe investment and make you feel secure throughout the whole process.

The Hungarian residency bond program

Hungary’s immigrant investor program (also known as “golden visa”) has the following benefits in comparison with other similar programs:

  • the cheapest government-backed, risk-free investment offer in Europe
  • fast: get permanent residency in just one month
  • no visit required to Hungary and no obligatory stay afterwards
  • investment covers the whole family (spouse and any children who are under 18 at the completion of the application process)
  • dependent adult children and parents may be included for extra charge
  • no minimum education or health check
  • no country of origin restrictions

Residence permit in Hungary – benefits:

  • visa-free travel into and within the Schengen zone
  • no minimum stay in Hungary
  • no proof of accommodation needed
  • the possibility to live and work in a safe and central European location
  • the option of tax residency (with very low business and personal taxes)
  • lifetime residency in exchange for just 5 years’ financial commitment


Click here to download our brochure about this outstanding program.

Investment (to be returned at the end of the 5-year term): EUR 300,000

One-time processing fee for the whole family: EUR 60,000

Financing options may also be available for you – speak to one of our consultants!

HELPERS exclusive offer: VIP assistance including legal consultancy on immigration issues, personal assistance, chauffeur services and more, all for FREE!

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program is an excellent way for those who want to invest in the nation to quickly become permanent residents of Hungary. The program provides a fast track to permanent residency status, bypassing many of the normal waiting periods between each step. However, there is no preferential treatment given to investors who wish to become Hungarian citizens. Still, if you want to move to Hungary, and have the money to invest, this can be an excellent choice.

Yes and no. Currently, you need to have permanent residency in Hungary for several years before you can apply for citizenship and get a Hungarian passport. However, there is a modification to the Hungarian immigration law in the works that would speed up this process for participants of the investment immigration program. Speak to one of our experts and get the latest updates directly!

Our other most popular service is residency through company formation, or business immigration. If you want to start doing business in Europe, you should consider opening a company in Hungary. Running a company makes you eligible for residency in Hungary, and HELPERS can help you with all aspects of the process from writing a business plan through providing a virtual office and staffing solutions – and of course, applying for your residence permit or your family’s visas. Click here for more information!

You get a Hungarian permanent resident permit for yourself and your family (spouse and underage children), which is as good as a passport to all countries of the Schengen visa zone. Moreover, you get full VIP service throughout the whole application process, including liaising with the investment agency, immigration lawyers and the Hungarian authorities / consulate.

Just write us a letter, and we will take you through the whole procedure. The basis of this type of residence permit is a EUR 300,000 investment into Hungarian government bonds, sometimes also referred to as Hungarian residency bonds. This is not a purchase, but an investment for five years, at the end of which you get back the full sum. No catches, no risks – the Hungarian government guarantees your money is safe. The only price you have to pay is the EUR 60,000 government processing fee.

Residence Permit

Your passport must be valid at least 90 days longer than the permit you are applying for; this means that if your passport is close to expiring, you will need to renew it before we submit your residency application, otherwise your permit will only be issued up to the expiry date of your passport.

Hungarian state health insurance provides comprehensive coverage in Hungary and basic coverage in the rest of the EU as well. This option is only available to Hungarian residents, so you will be eligible for state health care after you get your residency in Hungary. In the meantime, we can recommend you a comprehensive private health insurance plan that is not very expensive and acceptable for residency.

Minimum 30 days before the expiry of your resident permit, we must submit an application for renewal and confirm that the details of the original application are still in place.

The price of the driving license localization service covers the costs of the process itself and the work of your personal helper who will get everything done for you. The price of the official translation varies in each case based on the source language, and therefore cannot be calculated in average. Not including it in our price is how we can give the best price to all of our clients.

Work Permit

Normally we do not do job searches. Once you have found a job, we will happily handle your work permit and related paperwork.

Whether you have a particular candidate in mind, or you regularly work with an international team, we can help you with all aspects of employment – from acquiring a work permit and resident permit for your staff member to getting their tax number and social security number, doing their payroll, or even handling their relocation and assisting their family members with their visas.

You will need a personal tax number and social security number, so your employer can put you on payroll. You will also need a residence permit but we will handle this jointly with the work permit application. Finally, if you are bringing along your family to Hungary, they will also need social security numbers and dependent visas.

Hungarian Citizenship

Expedited naturalization refers to the process of becoming a citizen and getting a passport sooner than you would otherwise be eligible to do so. It is also referred to as preferential, or in some cases, simplified naturalization. In Hungary, naturalization is normally an eight-year process. However, immediate family members of Hungarian citizens, anyone with Hungarian ancestry, and certain other categories of residents may qualify for an expedited naturalization process. Let us know if you are interested in this procedure – we’ll be happy to check if you’re eligible.

Foreigners who have children or spouses who are Hungarian citizens, or who were born in Hungarian territory can get Hungarian citizenship faster than the usual procedure. People with Hungarian ancestry can also request simplified naturalization. To find out if you’re eligible, please consult our experts!

A Hungarian passport allows visa-free travel to a large number of countries, including all European countries, the USA and Canada, etc. Hungarian citizens can also travel to Australia via a simplified visa procedure. Since Hungary is not involved in any international conflicts or border disputes, Hungarians can travel easily worldwide, making a Hungarian passport one of the top 10 passports in the world. With a Hungarian passport, you can also live and work throughout the EU.

Basically it depends on the grounds that you are using to apply for citizenship. In case of the usual procedure (based on at least 8 years spent in Hungary as resident) there is a serious exam with questions about Hungarian history and culture, all in Hungarian. This requires proper preparation. In case of the expedited procedure (available to people with Hungarian ancestry) you only have to prove that you can talk basic colloquial Hungarian. In either case, we can provide assistance with getting ready for the exam or testing your current level.

Family and Student Visa

As you might suspect, a family visa, also known as a family unification visa, allows the spouse and dependent children of a Hungarian resident or citizen to join that person in Hungary. The citizen or resident must submit several pieces of information to apply for a Letter of Invitation, and then the family members must submit the Letter of Invitation along with several additional documents. Because the process is complex, it is best to hire an agency that is familiar with family visas to guide you.

If someone is applying for a visa or residency, the dependent visa is the document that lets family members accompany the main applicant. In Hungary, the best-known dependent visa procedure is called “family unification”, where the spouse and the minor (less than 18 years old) children of the applicant can apply for residency based on the residency of the main applicant received.

Yes – but not right away, since the residence permit based on family unification will not enable your spouse to enter employment. However, once they are here, they can more easily find a job, and simply change the dependent permit to a work permit once they have found one. Alternatively your spouse can also decide to start a small business in Hungary – we are happy to assist with either.

Most expats love living in Hungary! Budapest is a safe and clean city with many affordable, high-quality entertainment options, good international schools, lots of green areas, easy public transportation, and fast and inexpensive connections to all major European capitals. Living cost in Hungary is quite low, so even on a basic salary you can achieve a high living standard.

Hungary has excellent universities, with lots of subjects taught in English. Tuition is generally quite low (starting from just EUR 600/semester) and living costs are also reasonable. Hungarian medical schools are especially popular with foreign students, but you can also study business, economics, engineering, dentistry, architecture, and many other disciplines as a foreign student.

As the name suggests, a student visa allows international students to remain in Hungary during the course of their studies. To apply for a student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from a Hungarian university. You must also provide numerous other pieces of documentation, such as proof of having paid your tuition fees, proof of sufficient funds to support yourself in Hungary, proof of health insurance, and more.

Please note: Helpers no longer provides stand-alone student visa application assistance. If you need help, contact your university for guidance, since many universities offer information at their admission offices.

Personal Assistance

Of course not! If your property needs renovation, we will help you renovate it. We will find you a reliable electrician, plumber, carpenter or interior decorator – all at local prices. We will supervise their work, negotiate the price of their service, and make sure they deliver on time. If you are located abroad, we can offer you key-holding, regular check-ups of your place, or help with renting it out.

Whatever you need, from holiday accommodation to corporate housing, we can accompany you to negotiate the rent or the purchase price, advise you as to which neighborhoods would suit you best or what you should pay special attention to when looking for a home, find you a garage to rent near your new place, look over (or translate) the tenancy contract for you, and take care of any paperwork.

After settling in, there is a lot of information to be gathered. You need to know where the nearest dry-cleaner is, which restaurants will serve you the best food or which ones are likely to rip you off, or where the best shopping areas, markets, English-language bookstores are, to find an international school or kindergarten for your children, or a Hungarian teacher or language school for yourself. Whether you are here for business, for work, or to study in Hungary, our personalized services will provide you with all the info that you need.

Naturally that depends on the nature of the request but you’ll probably be surprised. We have been known to find a replacement secretary in less than an hour, an IT-specialist Hungarian-to-English translator in about thirty minutes, or painters for a crisis situation immediately! Of course, we can only estimate the time required once we hear your request.

Invest In Hungary

Franchise opportunities

Normally the recruitment of a local managing director is included in our service package. However, if you wish, we can also help manage your business, liaise between you and your local staff, provide financial controlling and reporting, and whatever else is needed so you can feel secure about your operation.

Our team of legal and financial experts evaluates every opportunity that is included in our portfolio, and we are with you every step of the way, from starting a negotiation to signing a franchise agreement and (if needed) managing your business from abroad.

The Hungarian market is developing dynamically and franchise owners are constantly looking for investors. By staying up-to-date, it is possible to find truly lucrative opportunities.

Property Investment

There are various issues to consider, including taxation, but we can help you calculate the costs for each option – you can buy as an individual, set up a Hungarian holding company, or (if the property is currently owned by a company) buy the current corporate owner. Discuss these options with us in advance, so you can make an informed decision!

If you are from outside the EU, you will need a permit for buying property in Hungary – but don’t worry, we will acquire this licence for you as part of our real estate service.

Since we are not a real estate agency, our sole interest lies in finding you the best deal (rather than trying to sell a particular property), so we are more than happy to help figure out the best option for you!

Budapest apartments

Once you have found a flat you like, you make a down payment and we start the application for the purchase license, which typically takes 5-6 weeks.

In case of selling real estate, personal income tax must be paid on the income from the sale. From 1 January 2016, the domestic personal income tax rate on property sales is 15 %, but the amount of required tax depends on several factors; please contact us for details.

Any foreigner can buy a residential property in Hungary but buyers who are not EU nationals require a license, which we are happy to acquire for you as part of our service.

Commercial real estate

This is the fastest way to buy property, and you can also plan or reduce tax liabilities when selling the property in the future.

Any foreigner can buy commercial property in Hungary, but buyers who are not EU nationals require a license, which we are happy to acquire for you as part of our service.

Property management

Naturally, we are here to advise you we can estimate the income and expense both for long-term and short-term rental, so you can make an informed decision.

By employing our services from the start, you can ensure that all contracts and insurances are designed to protect your interests as a landlord in case of any problems.

If you buy your Hungarian property through us, we will advise you on the rental potential as well. But we are also happy to help you find the best option if you already own a place!