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Salaries and payroll taxes Hungary 2023

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2023, Hungary

Wednesday, 4 January, 2023

With the ca. 15% increase to minimum wages in Hungary, you must make sure that the salaries you pay your employees are still above the required minimum, and adjust salaries and labor contracts as necessary.

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Bank holidays Hungary 2023

Bank holidays in Hungary 2023

Thursday, 15 December, 2022

Make sure you are aware of all the holidays and special days when your business is supposed to be closed, or special wage supplements are to be paid to your employees working despite.

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recruitment mistakes to avoid at your Hungarian company

3 recruitment mistakes to avoid at your Hungarian company

Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Learn how to avoid the most typical recruitment mistakes, and reduce the time, stress, and costs related to making new hires at your Hungarian company.

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Vacation in Hungary

Vacation in Hungary from the employer’s point of view

Thursday, 9 June, 2022

Summer is here, and most people choose this season to go on a vacation in Hungary. But how do summer leaves work at a Hungarian company? Read on to find out.

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Salaries and payroll taxes in Hungary in 2022

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2022, Hungary

Thursday, 6 January, 2022

The minimum wage has been raised to HUF 200,000 gross, while the social contribution tax has been reduced to 13%. At the same time, personal income tax for persons younger than 25 has been abolished.

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Bank holidays in Hungary in 2022

Bank holidays in 2022 Hungary

Wednesday, 1 December, 2021

If you operate a business in Hungary, you should be aware of bank holidays, when employees are not required to work normal working hours, and customers usually do not expect normal business hours. There are 13 of these each year, sometimes supplemented by extra rest days to create 4-day long weekends.

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Changes to taxation in Hungary 2022

Changes to taxation in Hungary in 2021 and 2022

Monday, 2 August, 2021

Taxes in Hungary are adjusted every year, and the Parliament has recently decided about the next changes to taxation. Some of them will affect your business in Hungary – find out how!

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payroll taxes in 2021

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2021, Hungary

Monday, 1 February, 2021

As of 1 February 2021, the minimum wage is raised to gross HUF 167,400, and the guaranteed minimum salary to gross HUF 219,000. Learn how this affects your company costs.

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Bank holidays in Hungary in 2021

Bank holidays in 2021 Hungary

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020

If you operate a business in Hungary and you have employees working for you, you must know about Hungarian bank holidays to better plan work loads, budget for wage supplements, and make informed business decisions.

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Business etiquette Hungary

Business etiquette for foreigners in Hungary

Monday, 28 September, 2020

If you want to build lasting and fruitful business relationships locally, you should get familiar with basic business etiquette in Hungary. Show your respect towards your partners by being well-dressed, punctual, and polite.

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