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Buy an apartment for renovation in Budapest

december 8, 2016

Quality apartments in high demand

Budapest is highly popular with expats of all nations, and many high-level executives are looking for apartments they can move right into. However, a great number of apartments in prime downtown locations have not been renovated for years or sometimes decades. These apartments are mostly in decorative, hundred-year-old houses, in popular neighborhoods close to restaurants, shops, museums and other points of interest. Thus, you can buy an apartment for renovation; then renting or reselling it guarantees a great return on your investment.

Property management by Helpers

Helpers offer you assistance and property management packages to guide you every step of the way. We present you our extensive and carefully selected portfolio of apartments for sale, containing a number of insider listing that are not publicly listed for sale, draw up the sales contract with our experienced legal team, supervise the handover, and of course, take care of all paperwork and fees to be paid to the authorities.

Once you buy an apartment (meaning the apartment is acquired), we take care of disposing of old furniture or fixtures that you no longer need, and supervise the renovation according to your budget and guidelines. Our trusted network of contractors will transform the apartment according to your vision, whether it’s just a quick painting and floor restoration you’re after, or a complete makeover including changing the electricity cables, water pipes, bathroom fixtures, windows – you name it. Naturally, the more work you do on the apartment, the bigger your markup will be.

Sell your renovated apartment

If you decide to sell the apartment after renovating it, we’ll help you find a reliable buyer and make sure all is well with the sales contract and paperwork. If you’d like to keep the apartment to have a place to stay when you and your family visit Hungary, we can also help you find short-term guests for the rest of the time – see our brochure for details.

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Chinese investors interested in Hungarian real estate

Are you are planning to make a real estate investment in Hungary as a non-EU investor? Then consider complementing your investment with setting up a Hungarian company and applying for Hungarian residency.

Buying a vacation rental in Hungary

Since more and more tourists prefer to rent an apartment rather than staying at hotels, buying a small apartment to be converted into a vacation rental is an excellent investment opportunity in Hungary.