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Hungarian residency bond refund and residency renewal

december 9, 2019

It’s unbelievable, but almost 5 years have passed since the sale of the first Hungarian residency bonds in the Hungarian Investment Immigration program. As the maturity of the bonds was supposed to be exactly 5 years, it is soon time to follow up on your investment and renew your Hungarian residency.

Hungarian residency bond refund

Now that the maturity of your residency bonds is getting closer, you should contact the investment agency where you purchased the bonds (Arton, VolDan, or Innozone, most probably). They will be able to tell you more about your options, regardless of whether you want the investment amount reimbursed to you or you wish to renew the investment for another five years.

Arranging for the residency bond refund might take some time, just like all bureaucratic procedure. Since many residency bonds mature around the same time, please note that investment agencies have to deal with an increased work load, which might cause a delay in processing your request.

Your permanent residency renewal

If you became eligible for Hungarian residency thanks to your investment in the residency bonds, then your permanent residence permit will probably expire soon. Check the expiry date on your card! If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of Hungarian residency, make sure to start the renewal procedure in time.

For the renewal, you will need the same documents as for the original application. This will include the promissory note that verifies your original bond investment. Since you received permanent residency, the residency renewal itself is not related to what happens to your investment. So do not wait until the Hungarian residency bond refund is sorted out: start the procedure for your residency renewal in time.

Residency renewal is independent of the investment

The renewal procedure itself takes about 2-3 months from submitting your application. Do not leave things to the last minute: start figuring out what you need for the application at least 4 months before the expiry date to ensure you have plenty of time to take care of everything, including acquiring the necessary documents and compiling the application package.

If your family members also received permanent residency in Hungary based on your bond investment, all the above applies to their residency renewal as well.

Fill in the form below and ask for assistance with your residency renewal.

About the Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program was launched in 2013, and promised permanent residency to investors and their closest family members (spouse and underage children) in exchange for an investment in Hungarian government bonds and a fix processing fee. The maturity of the bonds was 5 years. The program was discontinued in March 2017.

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