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Registered Seat, Virtual Office and Mail Forwarding in Budapest

Having a registered seat is essential for a Hungarian company. This is where authorities will expect to find you, therefore it is crucial that a competent person is there to handle any incoming mail or enquiry. The registered seat should usually not be located at the same address as your office or store, since as your company keeps growing, you will probably want to move your office, while your seat should remain the same. This is why it’s worth having a virtual office as your company seat.

At your company seat (which can be a vritual office as well):

The name of your company has to be indicated near the entrance, so the postman or anyone else looking for it can easily find your company. The most important thing is that authorities can reach you when they need to. Our service enables this, even at times when you are not in Budapest, or even in Hungary.

Incoming mail has to be processed. Hungarian authorities often send mail that requires prompt action, giving a deadline of only 8 calendar days. These letters have to be forwarded without delay, meaning within one day of receipt, so that necessary action can be taken. Most cases your accountant will do that for you. Also, non-urgent letters, such as bank account statements and invoices, should be forwarded to your accountant at least once a month.

A competent person has to be there to take action as necessary. As most of these letters are all in Hungarian, the contact person there has to speak the language.

If authorities are unable to find you in absence of the above, they may revoke your EU VAT number as well as liquidate your company.

You should also know that changing a company’s registered seat requires a change of the official company documents at the authorities. This takes ca. 2-3 weeks of time and considerable legal fees. As a result, it makes more sense to have your seat registered at a service provider (that is, to have a virtual office) than changing it every time you move your office, store or warehouse.

The registered seat and mail forwarding service by Helpers Hungary offers all of the above, which makes this service a comfortable, reliable, and cheap (only EUR 1,000/year) solution for any foreign-owned company in Hungary. Your seat will be registered in a historical building in downtown Budapest (5th district), while all your urgent mail will be forwarded within 1 business day (non-urgent mail is forwarded weekly).

In practice, most of your mail will be dealt with by Helpers or your accountant, since it consists of lengthy documents in Hungarian, requiring data or advising about deadlines relevant to your accountant. These will be directly forwarded to the responsible person, and you will not have to worry about it at all – in most cases, you don’t even need to see them.

Moreover, if a document does need to be forwarded to you, we offer a concise explanation of what needs to be done and why, all free of any surcharge.

For more information, please contact key account manager Lívia Buzás at, or call our office on +36.1.317.8570. We would be happy to assist you.

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